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May 22, 2013
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Star Wars vs Star Trek by 1darthvader Star Wars vs Star Trek by 1darthvader
I know the scales are off and somethings are wrong such as lighting and distances etc blah blah but I hope you like it just as a fun image to get the feel of how it would be if both franchises merged eventually.
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Actually SW has this battle won considering the b-wings and TIE bombers are anti-capital ship star fighters and most star trek starships are capital ships... Beside what in star trek could match the power of the force?
Star wars have mandalorians, sith and jedi
1darthvader Oct 22, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Star Trek would actually win. Why do I think that you ask, well first off, trusting the technical specifications of The Expanded Universe like Henry Walsh did is like trusting the technical specifications of Trek and Wars in their beloved technical manuals; LIKE HENRY WALSH DID. If you don't know who he is, he is a dude who claims to be physicist who wrote a paper on who would win, Trek or Wars, and he used pretty much both canon and non-canon works based off of both respected universes. Which is not the best way to go, even though many of the works in Wars are indeed canon technically, but they also contradict canon. If a turbolaser blast is specifically 57 megatons worth of force like EU says, tell me; why build a space station specifically to destroy planets? Why was the Death Star Trench Run in A New Hope necessary? So to finish this, I will only be going and regarding what is officially canon and does not contradict canon what, so ever; it is only fair. First off, Federation ships are able to destroy planets by themselves, it was hinted and almost attempted in the TOS Episode; "Operation Annihilation" and literally almost happened in the TNG Episode "A Matter of Time" and happened on the VOY episode; "Scorpion". Even if the Death Star manages to hit the TOS Enterprise, it has taken hits that can destroy planets, remember the TOS Episode "The Doomsday Machine"? Another thing to note; a better civilization does not necessarily mean better weapons, Star Trek literally works hard on advancing their weapons; Star Wars tends to spend more time defending peace than simply advancing their tech, which is apparent. A bigger fleet is pretty much the only advantage the Wars Universe has at this point, technology and weapons wise, Trek wins by far, and I'm surprised it is not as clear and bright as day; I mean a universe as advanced as Star Wars like HW claims should have teleportation tech of some sort. (Even though it was hinted in A New Hope, it was never mentioned in the movies again.) I went by the movies for the sake of simply no contradictions, other portions of the series such as the books and comics and even the games and highly inaccurate tech manuals by Franz Joseph are unreliable and highly contradictory. I do this out of respect for the original stories and love both.
No they won't.

First off, time travel doesn't work in the SW universe, the Force itself prevents it. (The obvious reason is Lucas didn't want anyone to go back and alter the movies' timeline)

Second, SW tech has advanced so much that a bloody TIE fighter can fire off 64,000 GW of particle energy. Turbo lasers even back during the Clone Wars have 200 gigatons of particle energy. They made the Death Star because it's so powerful nothing can shield against it, while planetary shields that have been improving for millennia can deflect them. Plus, the Death Star wasn't invented by the Empire, but by the Confederacy which was made up of Republic corporations. They already had the power to create a superlaser, but what they lacked and what the Death Star provided was an impenetrable shell that protects the superlaser and has enough power for said laser. If you're fighting other cultures who don't have the tech to withstand 200 gigatons of particle energy, then simple cruisers can devastate their planets and you wouldn't need the Death Star. The Empire needed it because the Rebels were well-funded insurgents supported by the Senatorial aristocracy.

Third, SW has all-powerful beings in the form of Light-Sided Jedi who have become one with the Force, who don't interfere in mortal affairs, but then the Q aren't the Jedi who have become one with the force, whom Lucas describes as being far more powerful than anyone can possibly imagine (because they became one with the Light) have no qualms about wiping out the Q if they decide to interfere. Especially since the Q can be defeated by HUMANS during the Q Civil War; one member of the Continuum gave humans weapons to kill off other Q members. At this rate, the Sith need only to persuade one member of the Q that he's better off not listening to the Continuum and using the Sith as his servants, and persuade him to give them Q weapons to wipe out the other Q, then the Sith would turn around and kill their patron Q as well once they're done.

And no, the EU is canon. Lucas talked of parallel dimensions in terms of their development; he even used the EU to tie together the movies, such as Force Unleashed to tie up loose ends between episodes III and IV, and the Clone Ears to explain loose ends between Episodes II and III.

Don't forget Star Wars weapons haven't evolved much (if at all) in more than 4,000 years. Good R&D, dudes.

Star Trek weapons have increased from 5x10^11 joules in Enterprise to around 9x10^13 joules by Nemesis.


P.S. A direct-hit from one of the devastating weapons on Darth Vader's fighter almost killed R2-D2.

LOL dude SW can destroy a planet with a single Star Destroyer class ship in less than a day!
The orbital bombardment leaves nothing but a lifeless,devoid of atmosphere and any kind of resources husk.The Death Star was more of a Terror Weapon and it is made to be able to punch through the planetary shields of SW planets.Which prevent Orbital Bombardment.
If the Galactic Empire, heck the chaotic and problamatic New Republic attacked Star Trek they would kill everyone in the span of a few years.For one Trek ships are smaller than practicly everything the GE and NR have and they are also far weaker in both defense and offense.Most races in Trek lack any real military e.g.The Fedration and are tree hugging hippies that despise war.SW can just chill out hundreds of light years away and pew them with the Galaxy Gun or destroy entire solar systems with the Sun Crusher.Face it even with the Teleporting tech they can't win.For instance they won't be able to lock on to anything due to advanced jamming and scrambling technology that SW posseses.They do not have an entire galaxy at their hands and they do not posses instant galaxy wide communiocation.And if all else fails for some miraculous reason SW still has thousands of years of war experiance and massive armies.They can just pump out droids and clones and send them to battle.
Yes, because the Death Star Totally needed the help of a few SD's to destroy Yavin, dude, you're argument is filled with so much in-cohesive and inconsistent information it practically contradicts MAIN CANON, which totally overthrows BETA CANON (which is is material outside of the movies/shows). George Lucas is probably disgusted that people even consider this Star Wars, and Galaxy Gun? Really? Like that exists in Star Wars? Seriously, not even shows up in Wookiepedia. The Death Star never punched through any planetary shields, as such devices only exist inconsistently in BETA CANON, the only energy shield used on a planet in Prime Canon is used to only protect a small area of Hoth. The Death Star never destroyed a planet with full planetary shields like you said, the illusion is given in Episode IV but it is merely light reflection from the atmosphere of the planet; similar things happen with Earth when sunlight reaches it from the sun. Star Trek is full of tree hugging hippies who do not want war because you'd have to be foolish to want war, especially since the strongest a Phaser from a Galaxy Class can destroy Kepler 22b 40 times without recharge necessary (to quote technical specs from TNG itself, not the "ALMIGHTY TECHNICAL MANUALS"). You'd have to be real stupid to think that such wars should be necessary with destructive power such as that. Also the quotes on the ship scales are non-sequitor as that just makes them a harder target and makes them more maneuverable; I bet a SD could not hit a Galaxy Class if it tried with it's best Turret Marksmen. Also the military in Star Trek seems to be more capable than the ones in Trek, I am sure one Security officer on any ship fresh out of Starfleet could take on an armada of Imperial Stormtroopers considering Trek Officers have had a better track record of hitting their targets (they had to make a Beta Canon excuse for that, you know your continuity is fucked up if an excuse is made for typical movie plot holes is needed to be explained).  Dude, just be quiet and go back to your fan made technical manuals like a good blind fan who knows nothing Star Wars Canon and actual tech in the universe before you make yourself look more like a fool. 
For one i don't give a flying fuck about what's cannon and what's not.
A few SD's really could take out the Rebels on Yavin by themselves but in comes the plot story.

Type in The Galaxy Gun idiot, it fires Warheards that travel through hyperspace untill they reach their target and blow it to pieces and this includes planets.

Search up Planetary Shields and you can see an image of Alderaan FROM THE MOVIE with shields failing.It is not an atmospheric illusion.

Don't give me that ''can't hit anything'' shit. You know as well as i do that that is a fake so the plot can go on.SW armour is also able to stop hand held railguns.What hope does a flimsy Phaser
have against armour that absorbs and even deflects energy weapons as powerfull as blasters.They can also have shields which can soak up a lot of enemy fire.

Technical manuals are not a violation of cannon.

SW posseses advanced jamming and targeting computers.
Trek ships are small,have both weak weapons as well as shields and armour.A single Turbolaser shot will cripple their shields.

I have been on forums for quite some time and Trek looses everything unless the Q step in.For fuck's sake SW ships go toe to toe with ships from the Imperium (Warhammer 40K).Even if for some god impossible way they are even weaker than Trek ships they outnumber and out-tech them in almost every way.Faster FTL,faster communication,massive production capability,droids,clones etc.And Trek isn't even an entire Galaxy's worth of territory.

Admit it you are so helpless that you resort to whining about Cannon and Non-cannon stuff when you alredy know Star Wars PWNs Star Trek with a mere 10% of it's military power.
Just you saying "I don't give a fuck about what is canon and what isn't." pretty much shows you have a total disregard of facts for both universes and only care about the Star Wars Universe facts because those push the SWU in favor which you clearly have a bias for. 

Technical Manuals do contradict canon all the time which is why there is a new one practically every single year!

What did I just say about there being no evidence in prime canon or extra/beta canon evidence of planetary shielding in SWU? You completely ignore me because you have no idea what you yourself are talking about because you are blindly following what Henry Walsh told you! And that guy's statement about both universes are completely wrong!

Look, I did not even find the Wookiepedia article on the Galaxy Gun, so I would stop talking about it if I were you.

If the SWU needs a canonotical explenation of why Stormtroopers are bad shots and why not all of them are clones; I consider that a huge problem, also; "Not as clumsy or random as a Blaster." Ben Kenobi/SW:IV ANH. Even Obi-Wan acknowledges the fact that Blasters are often inaccurate weapons!

What forums have you been on? If so, shut your mouth until you join a real unbiased sci-fi forum.

Since when was SWU capable of having Armor strong enough to take a rail gun blast? That totally destroys the whole argument of "technical manuals are not a violation of canon".

Since when does having faster FTL mean ANYTHING in this argument? Communication; perhaps, that is debatable in itself. Droids? You mean to tell me C-3PO is more advanced than Data? Seriously? Come on... If you even watched Trek you'd know that the UFP has regulations and laws against the cloning of living beings. 

Territory means nothing if you do not have the means to protect it, I have already made my claims as to why STU would beat SWU in my first comment if you will.

I resort to canon because it is necessary and not needing to rely on assumptions and suspension of disbelief; it takes more than 4.56 million Jules to destroy a planet (according to the George Lucas approved technical specifications you so dearly cling onto because they are your "salvation"). If you want me to go outside of canon; Temperal Federation vs. Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire; Temporal Federation can go back in time and kill the SWU before it even existed as a means to make sure time as we know it does not get tampered with as their presence in another galaxy other than their own is an impossible way to stop. Which overall brings a huge problem with the overal Beta/extra Canon=SWU Victory argument, it does not bring the strongest nations together and puts them in battle, the fight between Trek and Wars is more mismatched than Goku vs. Superman and I am tired of hearing it, I have better things to do than prove you wrong.
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